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Top Ranked Teams Face Each other

Posted on: February 9, 2010

The Pit

The New Mexico Lobos defeated San Diego State last week by 2 in overtime.  This gave the Lobos some momentum going into this weeks tough game because they had previously lost to SDSU so this exciting win hopefully gives then enough strength to beat (an inner-conference rival) the University of Las Vegas.  UNLV has been very hot recently winning five straight games.  Previously UNLV was ranked 9th and upset by the New Mexico Lobos.  Both teams have tremendous work ethics with outstanding coaching.  Although if New Mexico can play good defense and with timely three’s UNM has the  opportunity to continue and rocket up the rankings.  They are ranked 15th in the AP poll for the second straight week.  With this win they could potentially move up to top ten or close to it.  Many critics say that New Mexico does not have any depth, although I have to disagree, no team can win and perform the way they have this year.  GO LOBOS


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