The Pendleton Panther

March Madness Approaches

Posted on: March 8, 2010

Most people from the United States as well as everyone in the world have heard of March Madness.   The reason professionals called the NCAA championships “March Madness” is because in the 65 team bracket is played throughout March and to the beginning of April.  This year has not been exactly as plan, throughout the season eight teams have been knocked from the top ten teams in the nation.  Although many teams have been consistent throughout such as Kentucky, Duke, Syracuse, and under-dog New Mexico.  Kentucky, Duke, and Syracuse were no surprise but New Mexico was.  New Mexico was not even ranked in the beginning of the season, and look at them now.   They have lost three games sporadically throughout this exciting season, critics say that UNM reminds them of the former underdog “George Mason University” from years back.  This will be a very interesting March Madness! Go Lobos


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