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Posted on: May 26, 2010

The 1020 school year has been great, many people did great things throughout the year.  This year we had a very interesting year book, it had a graffiti type cover that read The Pendleton School.  I personally am not a fan of this years, year book.  Do not get me wrong they’re were some parts that really grabbed my attention.  I think the year book should really bring back memories that had happened this year thus far. For example, on the baseball page it showed the same three people, for the entire page, and two of those kids do not even attend our school anymore.  The other person was never even involved in our school, which really doesn’t make sense.  On the bright side the year book showed great work ethic as well as creativity.  I just wish that next year they would really revise and revise until you know it is correct.  The year book showed great pictures as well as interesting facts that the students had voted on.  I am very confident that next year the year book will be the best the school has every seen.


Where has the year gone?  I cannot believe it is almost over!  The final leap is finals, and many people such as seniors will drop off the map just because they are almost done with they’re high school careers.   My coaches try and preach that we have to strive through, do not give up what we have worked for the entire year. Hopefully most students at Pendleton will not just give up their grades, although we all know some kids will completely fall off the map and never return to this campus.  The only way I can really say to prevent this from happening is that make the review for the final more entertaining.  The reason that I would want it more entertaining is because it really grabs the attention of the student.  Ways to make it more entertaining during the review is to have a game for a review, or a contest.  This will hopefully keep the students alive and ready for the exam and not want them to just give up and finish.

Three years ago the Tampa Bay Rays were the worst team in baseball, no one showed up to watch the games, and hardly any fans stayed loyal to them.  This all has changed in the last three seasons in 2007, the Rays only had about 17,000 people that showed up for the games, and usually only that many people when the Yankees or Redsox were in town. Luckily that was the year the club made it to the World Series.  The attendance has sky rocketed since then , the average attendance currently is roughly 23,000 people.  The Rays “break out year” has really turned around that franchise into something great.  In the 2010 season, the Rays are not only first in the AL East but their leading the entire Major Leagues with the best record.  With their current success the Rays hopefully can snag a championship before some of their veteran players such as Carl Crawford contracts are up.  Well we should all enjoy this season and hope it continues for a long time, this brings light to Tampa and also its surrounding area.

Don’t you hate this time of year?  Last week, I realized that some of my best-friends are leaving for good and I might not be able to see them again.  I was very upset that I had not taken advantage of their presence the last few months.  I can remember the first day when it was awkward and most of the kids only hung out with their roommates or someone they previously knew.  The point of this blog, is to make sure you do not take advantage of your friends at any point in your friendship.  It is very unfortunate that people can just leave you forever, its not like they chose that but that is just how life works. Cherish every moment you have with them because it could be taken away from you instantaneously, live every experience like it is your last moment with them forever, you never realize how much you will miss them until their gone.

The ruling for “stealing other teams signs” is completely legal in Major League Baseball although it is frowned upon, but you must use the naked eye to do so.  You are not allowed to use binoculars or video cameras in anyway to steal signs.  Earlier this week, a man named Mick Billmeyer was caught in the Bullpin using binoculars to “steal signs” at Coors field in Colorado.  Charlie Manuel stated repeatedly that they were not cheaters, they would not waste their time stealing signs to win.  The coach stated that he was just watching the Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiz, and his set up to the plate.  But someone said they caught him still peaking through the binoculars even when the Rockies were hitting which completely contradicts what Manuel stated.  It seems hard to believe that such an amazing team would steal signs the cheat, that is why I do not believe it.  I just think that the coach was look at  Ruiz but he was caught looking at the wrong time, its hard to not believe that their not cheating but well they are innocent until proven guilty.

This year the playoffs has been maybe the most exciting potentially, the reason many people were so amped up was because of the chance of Kobe vs. Lebron.  The Cavs cruised through the first round without any real difficulties, the lakers do the same.  Then the Cavaliers faced the Celtics, this might be the most challenging match until the finals.  The Cavs went up two to one and one of those games Lebron James scored 21 points in the first quarter which was more than the next game unfortunately.  The Cavs won that game, to make it two to one and then the Celtics fought back and demolished the Cavaliers by ten to tie the series up.   The next game was set in Cleveland, the crowd and all fans watching and hoping that Lebron James can do the impossible, be the best that he is.  Unfortunately he did not play as well as expected he only scored 15 points, some people in Cleveland say that he did it on purpose so when he gets traded (due to the fact that his contract is up),  it will be easier for him to exit Cleveland without any major issues, I however disagree with this conspiracy.  Lebron is going to win the next game and bring it back to Cleveland!

I’m sure you have heard about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  Well if you haven’t heres a brief summery of what happened, a fire occurred and the oil rig exploded which cause the pipe underneath the rig to leak 5,000 feat below.  The oil has gained ground since then, no one could imagine that it might actually reach us. On the contrary, the oil has gained more ground than expected, turtles have died an showed up on shore with no positive signs towards the businesses on Anna Maria Island.  The reason the oil has gained so much ground was because of the Atlantic ocean current, the oil drifted enough in reach of the current bringing it towards Bradenton.  Many people will be affected by this if it does happen, if it does there will be no fishing, terrible stench along the shore, and devastating business owners on the beach.  We all should pray that this oil does not reach land.