The Pendleton Panther

High School Football Game

Posted on: October 15, 2008

A romping took place in high school football this week. Earlier this week, Naples High School played Estero High School in Estero Florida. Estero lost by 13. Not by 13 points but by 13 touchdowns as the score was Naples- 91, Estero-0. The Estero coach added humor into the loss by saying that he did not know 91 was a multiple of 7. This got some much needed chucks, and giggles from the Naples coaches. Naples High had taken out all of there star players 4 minutes into the game. The second and third team played the whole game the coach had stated. When Naples coaches got back to their office they had numerous emails from angry parents on both Naples and Estero. Estero parents wanted to know why so many points were needed and were furious that they had embarrassed their boys, while Naples parents wanted to know why there kids didn’t get to play to bring up there stats. They compared it to “David vs. Goliath”, only thing was David didn’t have a stone to throw.


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