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n1357856161_271557_9015Abdul Sihag is a senior here at the Pendleton School. Coming from Mombasa, Kenya he is one of the only representatives the David Leadbetter Golf Academy has from the continent of Africa.  Finishing up his 5th year at the academy, Abdul has seen many changes to the golf academy.  Moving around from three different coaches in five years has taught Abdul how to deal and adapt to change.  Though Abdul said the coaching situation had been frustrating, he believed that every change helped him improve one way or another.  Abdul plans to spend the next year at home in Kenya working on his golf game though his future plans include returning to the states to play collegiate golf.  The Pendleton School would like to wish Abdul the best of luck in the future!


Tae Heung Lim will be completing his 5th and final year here at the Pendleton School. Tae has been here much longer than most students and has seen the Pendleton grow from a student body of 200 to a current student body of 430. “Day and night” are the words he uses to describe the changes to Pendleton during his tenure here. Tae’s golf game has really come full circle and he will be attending Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida this upcoming fall. Rollins College is a top golf program and the competition there should give Tae an evenhanded challenge. This summer Tae plans to split his time between Florida and his native South Korea. The Pendleton School would like to wish Tae the best of luck in the future!


The 2009 senior prom was a very good experience for me because it was my first and last prom. I believe that it is something special for all Europeans, because they do not get to experiences things like that in their countries. Everything was very well organized and very nicely done. In the afternoon while all the girls got ready, it started raining very hard, and thunder storming also. A lot of people thought that prom would be ruined but luckily, it stopped and dried up a little bit before everyone went outside. At prom, all the students were in a good mood, the food was very good. I was happy that I went to the 2009 senior prom.


Linda Abu Mushref is one of the best people here in IMG. I became good friends with her only this year, which is kind of sad, but very worth it. Linda moved into our dorm and I am very glad that she did that because we got so close over these months that it will be so hard for us to separate. I will probably cry like a little baby. Well let’s say something about Linda. First off she is a crazy person, not going to lie. She is an awesome tennis player and will go to an amazing college, which is the number one college tennis team in the states. I bet she is excited for that. She is a very direct person, and I can trust her with everything. Her favorite words are for example fiesta, and other funny words that make me laugh a lot. To say everything in short words, I love her and she is just awesome! I will miss you!


My name is Cecilie Krefting, but everyone including the teachers calls me “Cici” I just want to start out by saying thank you to everyone for a great school year at Pendleton. I think that my senior year has gone by so fast because I have had so much fun this school year. Not only being able to learn and meet amazing people from my sport at IMG academies, I have met great people while being educated in school. The friends I have met this year are friends that I’m never going to be able to forget, because I have learned so much from them. They are all from different backgrounds and cultures and we all come together as one at Pendleton. The teachers at Pendleton are very helpful and understanding as they always know that they can never really set any date, where they know the entire class will be there, as there is always a tournament that comes up unexpected here and there. It might make them really frustrated but they do understand in the end that most of us are here for our sport. My golf here in Florida has improved a lot and now I’m going to start my new life at CSU; Colorado State University. I would not be able to go there without having experienced what I did this year. Even though I have only been here for one year, I know I have learned a lot and I’m so grateful that I got this opportunity. I love my roommates at IMG because the dorms can be really awful and boring at times, and then they are great to have around. They always make me smile!


After graduating from IMG on June 5, 2009, it will mark the 4th year completed by Abel here at Pendleton and the Basketball Academy. The longest veteran of the program, Abel was always the heart and soul of the boys Varsity team this last season. Whenever there was an internal conflict between players, or external for that matter, Abel was always the first to get involved and sort out every problem. “My experience here at IMG has been hard and I have face many difficult challenges,” the Pendleton senior explains, “but in the end, I guess it’s all worth it.” Varnadore plans to attend University of Mississippi and play on their basketball team. This is one face people will truly miss around the campus here at IMG, and in the famous words of Abel, which he will be forever be remembered for, “GO GATORS!”


Jesse Edwards was never the tallest player on the court, but that never stopped him from tearing it up in games and practices. Jesse was really the only true point guard on the varsity team, and over the course of the year, really developed his leadership skills and court awareness. Originally from Cape Cod in Massachusetts he gave up his senior year to come down south to Florida and Play for IMG. Edwards explains why he made the move, “I wanted to be at a place where I could really focus on school and basketball without having distractions. There were a lot of negative influences back home, and our school was kind of a joke.” Edwards then went on to explain that he feels he had a great experience, even though it was a long, hard fought year. Being a close acquaintance of Jesse, I can’t stress how good of a friend and teammate he was. Next year, Edwards plans on playing for Drew University in New Jersey.