The Pendleton Panther

Philippines Flooded with Trouble

Posted on: September 30, 2009

Flood damage in the Phillipines

The Philippines just cannot catch a break from mother nature.  In recent weeks, over 2.2 million people were displaced by the intense flooding that the region has been experiencing.  Just as it seems that the worst of the disaster has passed, however, and the people began to consider rebuilding, a typhoon gaining strength in the western Pacific threatens to give the island nation even more trouble.  At least 246 deaths occurred as a result of the recent flooding, and now with thousands of people packed into schools and gymnasiums, a typhoon strike could be deadly.  Although the country is receiving international aid, there are too many people in need of relief and too few supplies to help many people.  An unfortunate effect of this supply shortage is the blocking and even attacking of food bearing aid convoys by refugees stealing out of need.  With the typhoon on the horizon, however, Filipinos would be wise to heed chief government forecaster Prisco Nilo’s warning to stay “prepared and alert”



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