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Will Demps wants to join South Korea celebrities

Posted on: November 2, 2009


Will Demps

Will Demps who used to be an professional American Football player wants to be a celebrity in South Korea. Will Demps’ father is African American, and his mother is Korean.  Will Demps’ father was in the United States army and met his wife in South Korea.  He was ranked the 28th hottest man in the world in 2009.  Will Demps is a very strong and athletic guy.  He is 6 foot 1 and weighs 210 pounds. He joined NFL in 2002 and played for New York Giants as a defender. He played really well and later on moved to Houston. After he retired, he was featured in some music videos and did some modeling as well. He was most well known in Destiny Child’s music video. He now claims he wants to be an actor in South Korea because his mother is from Korea and he wants to be just like his mother.  We will see what’s going to happens Will Demps, it should be interesting.


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