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Flooding, Landslides from Parma devastating Phillipines

Posted on: October 10, 2009

Villagers fleeing after being warned.

Villagers fleeing after being warned.

There have been days of immense flooding and landslides in the Phillipines. Great deluges have been caused by tropical depression Parma. Parma has already killed 186 people and is still on a ravaging path. It is known in local areas as Pepeng and has dropped over thirty six inches of rain in many parts of the nation. This is added onto the major damage caused by an earlier storm named Typhoon Ketsana. There are another 40 people deemed missing as well as 93 who were critically injured. According to CNN “On Friday, landslides blocked traffic along the Marchos Highway, Naguilian Road, Kennon Road and Ambuklao Road, cutting access to Baguio City, Benguet Province and Mountain Province, according to the Office of Civil Defense in Cordillera.” Rocky Baraan, the provincial administrator of Pangasinan, had stated that the flooding had focused most of its force on 32 towns and 2 cities, Dagupan and Urdaneta. Rescue trucks have no way of reaching the people who have migrated to rooftops since the water levels have reached over a story high. The authorities have been forced to deploy rubber rescue boats to reach the trapped citizens. Several major dams have broken and have been leaking as much as ten million cubic meters of water per hour. This is a very tragic situation among many involving tropical storms that have hit SouthEast Asia hard these past few months.


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