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Tropical storm flooding in Vietnam

Posted on: November 3, 2009


tropical storm in Vietnam

 Vietnam is the westernmost country on the Indochina peninsula in south Asia. This Tuesday the city of Hanoi, Vietnam got hit by the tropical storm,which unleashed severe flooding in central Vietnam. It has killed 23 people, and there are still two missing families. The official of Vietnam sais that many villages in Vietnam will be isolated by rising water and that the death rate will keep rising up. The disaster not only happened in Vietnam, it also affect the country near it. The military of Vietnam sent two helicopters to transport food and other supplies. They are also trying to rescues as many people as possible. The vice-chairman of the Binh Dinh provincial said about 400 soldiers were using speed boats to try to help and rescue people. Natural disasters are the most danger-killing factor in the world. It is more dangerous than the war. We need to pay more attention on the environment to make sure that even though natural disasters will keep happening, the risk can be the lowest.


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