The Pendleton Panther


Posted on: October 7, 2009



Everyday we are put down – by coaches, peers, or physically in your sport.  The natural thing is pick yourself up and get stronger. We all do it every day, day in day out.  Coaches yell, we do better. It’s a constant cycle down then put yourself up then something knocks you down.  If we can do this on the field, what stops us from doing this off the field?  I see it daily, friends burn someone or a breakup.  Puts you down, but in life we stop from picking ourselves up.  What stops us from bringing our sport mentality into our social life, too much sport in one day? Someone recently told me you are two people on the playing field and off, what stays on the fields stays there.  So what is better, the person on the field or off?  What can really be trusted, the person on the field or off?   Daily we are put down, we react differently on the field then off.



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