The Pendleton Panther

Weather Preferences

Posted on: October 8, 2009


Struggling to find a happy medium

I have spent the last year living in England and now I am in Florida. I have never experienced anything more opposite! England was icy cold, and the crisp air would make my fingertips, toes, ears and nose ache with pain. When I had to train in a shirt and shorts in the snow, I thought it was absolute madness. Never in my life had I experienced such drastic weather conditions, apart from the odd skiing holiday. But when you live in the climate and you play sport outdoors everyday, it is very different to a happy holiday. It takes a lot to motivate yourself in the freezing weather. At times, it made me miserable and affected my playing performance.

Now I’m living in Florida and I was so excited to finally be in a warm climate, but Florida is on the complete other side of the scale. The humidity and heat is also madness when you have to run non-stop in the middle of the afternoon under the scorching sun. I have found it just as hard to play here on the really boiling days as I found playing in the cold English weather. It is the total opposite, and both extremes make it difficult to train.

The ideal climate would be somewhere in between, without the Florida humidity, but also warm enough that the winter is managable.


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