The Pendleton Panther

One of the Worst Types of Sick – Homesick

Posted on: September 16, 2009

Everyone loves to go on vacation and just get away from work, drama and home. Yet once you leave from home things become really different and new. The experiences are usually always great and remember able, but have you have found yourself having a great time yet still sad? Do you find yourself just in a depressed mood even though you are away from home and the things that you wanted to relax from? This feeling is called being homesick. It is the desire and longing or wanting to be home. You can find yourself calling home every chance you can find. Or maybe having dreams of things that you miss at home like friends, parents, bedroom or brothers and sisters. Sometimes you can just begin to cry randomly because your missing home. Homesickness happens most when you are a little younger in age, but anyone can be homesick. The start of being homesick can come from the smallest thing reminding you of home.  Whether it be an inside joke that you share with your friends or just an object that brings up a memory from home.  Being homesick is not the greatest feeling in the world and there is no cure but to just go home and visit.  So if your feeling homesick it might be time to plan a trip back home soon!


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