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Aspirin Prevents the Return of Breast Cancer

Posted on: February 17, 2010

According to recent studies Breast cancer survivors who took aspirin post breast cancer treatment were half as likely to die or have their tumors spread around the body compared with those who did not take aspirin post treatment.  Aspirin helps control cancer by fighting inflammation. Because Breast cancers produces more inflammatory chemicals than normal breast cells, that would explain what an inflammatory  like aspirin would help. Although this study is not proven, scientist are working on developing proof. This proof would be developed by conducting a “gold standard” trial where doctors assign one group of patients to take aspirin, and then compare them to patients who have not. Although until this study is proven people who have breast cancer should converse with their doctors before taking it, due to the fact that it can act as a blood thinner. Also it is highly suggested that if you have breast cancer that you should continue treatment, and not  rely on aspirin because the study was derived from nurses who have completed their cancer treatment. There may be no proof yet, but this is surely an interesting and hopeful start. Stopping the reoccurance of Breast cancer would be epedemic.


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