The Pendleton Panther

Academy Team Weekend

Posted on: January 25, 2010

img soccerThis weekend the Academy teams 18 and 16 went to Atlanta and to Alabama to play 2 away games. The weekend turned out to be very good for both teams. First game against Atlanta Fire the 16’s won 2-0 and the 18’s won 4-3. The second game in Alabama was suspended due to unfortunate weather conditions. But over all great weekend for both teams. Next week the game that was canceled will be played in Alabama, the game will be against Birmingham Fc, in witch the first game we tied 2-2. This time the team is pumped and motivated and ready to win. The team will drive 11 hours from Bradenton to Alabama and like 12 from Alabama back. Last time the team took 12 hours thanks to the bad weather conditions. But I am sure this time the conditions are going to be much better. So lets bring support to our Img soccer team and lets give them our best of luck and lot’s of support. So good luck Img.


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