The Pendleton Panther

Weekend Game Preparation

Posted on: October 8, 2009


An example of how NOT to prepare for a match.

I have a soccer game on Sunday at noon.  There are certain things I need to do in order to prepare myself physically and mentally.  From Friday I need to start focusing on everything I do, from what I eat to what I do during the day and more.  First, sleep is very important.  I should be getting about 9 hours of sleep on Friday night and Saturday night.  Second, meals are very important.  I need to fuel my body with the correct types of food that will supply me with energy and strength.  Certain foods will also help repair my body. I should make sure that I eat lots of carbohydrates so that my body can build up and store energy.  Protein is important to strengthen and repair muscles.  The next step to getting myself ready for the game, is to keep physical activity to a minimum.  Friday’s training is cancelled so that we have relaxation time. A light jog and quick swim is good to loosen up the muscles and get rid of stiffness, but other than that I should try rest during the day on Friday and Saturday.   Finally, I should prepare myself mentally.  This can be done by meditating, visualization and maybe watching some videos of games.  I should also go over my job and roles in the game. After all of that, I should be in top condition to play on Sunday and have a good performance.

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