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1025194%7EEast-of-Eden-PostersEast of Eden is a novel written by John Steinbeck. AP English students are reading it right now in class (or supposed to be) and if they are reading it then I am sure they will agree it is a very exciting book. It tells the story of two different families, one evil, or partly evil, and one good. It is “a vastly ambitious novel that is at once a family saga and a modern retelling of the Book of Genesis.” The book is filled with fascinating complex characters who keep the reader enthralled in the story, always wondering what might happen next. It is a very long read, just over 600 pages, but if you are looking for something to occupy a plane ride or if you have some spare time this summer, I would definitely recommend it.  — Sally Watson


_45705779_swine_fever_4661The German Health Minister stated on Tuesday, that there might be three cases of possible Swine Flu. Ulla Schmidt, Health Minister, said that Germany is prepared if it comes. The people who are suspected of having the Swine Flu are a couple who just returned from vacation in Mexico, and there is one other man who was diagnosed with influenza. The Minister said, however, that there is unlikely any danger to the rest of Germany’s population. Schmidt also said that Germany is in contact with other nations, and that everyone will be prepared if it spreads around. Schmidt said, “Federal and state governments, doctors, hospitals and emergency workers know exactly what to do in a serious situation. There is a practiced pandemic plan that works, as adjustments in recent days have shown.” Since there is no vaccine that is against Swine Flu, people are panicking about it, because of the more than 100 deaths in Mexico and other cases in other countries, but doctors are trying to find a vaccine to prevent it. 

122707_obama_smoking_a_cigarette2_jpgcb282285cb354a0e4114de9789a64f9bPresident Barack Obama has admitted to being a smoker. He was once a heavy smoker who gave up the habit at the request of his wife before running for president. Obama recently has told the public he has “fallen off the wagon” and is smoking once again, although, he did not indicate how bad his habit is. Workers at the White House say Obama has been smoking like crazy recently. As a result, the Department of Health is holding a meeting in May at the White House to find a solution to Obama’s habit. They called in the Star Scientific CEO who has created non smoking products such as Ariva, Stonewall, and most recently CigRx. CigRx is soon to be on the market and is supposed to be the Splenda of tobacco. As well as having no bad side effects, it’s a weight loss supplement, and has a very high success rate. Since I designed the package of CigRx, I am excited to see it in the hands of the President.  

What is Swine Influenza? It is a respiratory disease of pigs that rarely spreads to humans. However, it has already killed many people in Mexico City (where the disease started). The symptoms of swine flu are similar to the regular flu and include fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, chills, etc. Human cases of swine influenza virus infection have made it to the United States. The states that have started to become infected are Arizona, California, Ne051123234941w York, Texas, Kansas and Ohio. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 40 to 50 cases have already been discovered in the United States. Many are worried that eventually Swine Influenza will reach the entire world. So, just as a precaution, studies have shown that washing your hands and not touching your face or mouth will help prevent the spread of germs. So keep clean and stay healthy. Hopefully soon this Swine Influenza will have a cure and people who have the disease will get better soon.

boyboxerSantos was a boy who grew up in the streets on the Texas-Mexico border. He got into drug smuggling because he was a better student of the streets than a student of the classroom. He didn’t care about anything, he was naive and young, thinking that he could get away with anything. He got into the smuggling business because he says “When I was at a party a guy came up to and introduced me to a bunch of the kingpins.” The reason why he was interested is because he was both an American and Mexican citizen allowing him to make mule runs which is smuggling the drugs back and forth through the border. But he said it is a very dangerous business. He tells a story about another teenager who lost a load of one of the kingpins money and had his toes cut off. Santos has now cleaned up his act and spends his days in the gym boxing. He is now making an honest living and is pursuing his dreams of winning a boxing championship.

ortizDavid Ortiz has recently found himself in a slump that has not shown any signs of letting up. Ortiz is a great hitter but is not seeing the ball well, right now, not allowing himself to hit his pitch when he gets it. His swing also looks like it is lost – his timing and step are completely out of sync which is a probable signal of him trying to guess the pitch and whenever you are guessing you are usually wrong. The positive note of all of this is that none of this seems to be phasing Ortiz at all because he whem comes to the ballpark he seems ready to play and in a good mood and Ortiz is an all-star so as long as he keeps up thinking positive he should break out of this slump soon. “I feel good,” Ortiz said. “Like I said, I’ve been working on my mechanics. As Ortiz lofted a double yesterday which may be all he has needed to set a spark to his swing.

beartooth-mountains-lgMontana is a great state for many reasons. Although it may not have large suburban areas as many other states have, it makes up for it in numerous ways. Montana is ideal for anyone who wants to live in an environment with overall friendly and laid back people who are accustomed to a slower pace of life. Many cities in Montana provide a small town lifestyle with all the usual necessities a big city would have such as grocery stores, restaurants, sporting good stores etc. The population of Billings, my city, is around 115,000. This provides an idea of the size of the city which in my opinion is neither too large nor too small. Living in Billings allows for many outdoor activities with close proximity to home. Skiing is under an hour away as well as great hiking trails. Other activities such as four-wheeling are nearby as well. There are also many scenic areas in Montana. There are 3 mountain ranges within an hour to an hour and a half from Billings. Yellowstone National Park also has certain parts located in Montana. Glacier Park is located entirely in Montana. Montana is a great state which should not be judged prematurely. Below is a picture of the Beartooth Mountains which are only 45 minutes from my house.