The Pendleton Panther

The Future of Car Safety

Posted on: November 3, 2009


This could be avoided with the newest technology in safety.

With nearly 1,162,000 rear end crashes a year that leave many people injured, finally some car manufacturers start finding ways to help avoid them.  This new technology warns you if you are getting to close to an object in front of you by flashing lights, and at the same time prepares the breaks.  Many systems are able to stop the car on their own without you ever putting your foot on the breaks; it’s almost like the cars are driving themselves.  Other systems prepare the car for impact, doing such things as tightening seatbelt, raising the seat backs, and even closing windows to help avoid passenger from flying out of his or her vehicle. There are several  luxury car companies that now offer this system, such as Mercedes, Volvo,Lincoln and Ford. Although it has not been proven to be fool proof the companies are pretty certain that they will get good reviews.The estimated cost for this new technology is around $1500, and can easily pay for itself after only one rear end crash.


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