The Pendleton Panther

Chrysler recalls 24,000 cars

Posted on: January 20, 2010

Chrysler recently recalled 24,000 cars due to a major break issue. This recall includes Cherokee SUVs, Chrysler Sebring, and Dodge Avenger’s and Nitro’s. There hasn’t been any major accidents yet, which is very lucky. For Chrysler this is a major downfall after going bankrupt. The recall claimed that there is a brake booster rod retaining clip that may be broken or in some cases there might not be any at all. This incident was found by Chrysler factory workers. Soon after Chrysler did some tests and it was proven that the brake booster rod was defective. Chrysler is now working on this recall and making sure that all brake booster rods are doing their jobs. This recall has made a big impact on Chrysler with bankruptcy, luckily no has gotten hurt, but Chrysler is working on it. This recall will soon be fixed.


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