The Pendleton Panther

Ferrari World

Posted on: March 22, 2010

Ferrari World

Ferrari World is an upcoming theme park in Abu Dhabi designed around the Ferrari brand that will feature roller coasters and other amazing facilities. Although the theme park is still under construction, it already claims itself to be the world’s largest indoor theme park; it has 20 rides and attractions, including the world’s fastest rollercoaster. The theme park is designed for people who fantasize in being on a Ferrari to ultimately experience traveling at speeds over 200 km per hour. Each roller coaster is a replica of a Ferrari model. One of the rides that has already been built features each coaster car to be a replica of a Ferrari F430. The coaster runs on rails that put the experience of the ride on another level, giving people a ride that is similar to being on the actual Ferrari F430 itself. The fastest roller coaster at the park will be a replica of a F1, which will reach the speed of 200 mph. The theme park also features Italian inspired cafes and restaurants and shops that sell exclusive Ferrari souvenirs and items. The theme park, opening later this year, will be under a big roof inspired by the “classic double-curve side profile” of the Ferrari GT.


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