The Pendleton Panther

IMG Basketball Academy Helps the Homeless

Posted on: November 18, 2009

This weekend, on Saturday morning, my basketball team and I went to feed the homeless.  I think it was a good experience for me and my teammates.  It helped us interact with people who were complete strangers.  I had some good conversations with some of the people who were there. They loved to talk and they talked alot but I was all ears. A lot of homeless people are very intelligent and they know a lot about the world and know what is going on.  I kind of felt sorry too though because there were too many little kids there.  The kids didn’t really have any clothes on and their shoes were worn down.   But still, they were the happiest little kids and they always had a smile on their face.    Seeing them struggle but still being happy made me think to my self how I have no reason to complain about my life.   I really liked helping the homeless and I hope we do it again.   Thanks to Coach Vince and Coach Nate for taking us.


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