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Toyota Stops Sales For Recal

Posted on: January 27, 2010

Toyota Corolla's

Toyota made a shocking decision yesterday and halted the sales of eight different models.  They stopped the sales for recall because the accelerators were sticking on some of the vehicles.  Even some of Toyota’s most popular cars such as the Camry and Corolla have been having this problem  Toyota is telling customers that it is safe to continue to drive their cars as long as they haven’t noticed any signs of it having a sticking accelerator.  This is what Toyota told the public a few days ago, “As part of the recall, we are obliged to suspend sales until there is a remedy.”  The Toyota spokesman, Mike Michels, told Drive On “recalls happen all the time where owners continue to drive their cars.”  This is true, but there are few recalls that can cause such a severe problem as this one that has killed some Toyota and Lexus drivers.  Toyota has already attempted to take precautions by telling the owners to remove the floor mats because they could jam under the accelerator pedals.  The latest news though is that the gas pedals can jam on their own.  Toyota owners, use caution and do not operate your vehicle if you are experiencing any strange problems with your car.


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