The Pendleton Panther

A Little Bit Different

Posted on: January 27, 2010

According to AOL, in New York the city created a dwarf basketball league.  People might think this league is ridiculous but the dwarfs are shorter than everyone els.  The league is the same as any other league, they play on the same size court as you and me.  One of the top teams in the league is called the “New York Towers”, the highest man is 4′8 but is very fast.  The general manager is a dwarf as well he is 3′3 but the league winning manager for a couple years in a row.  This team does a lot of charity events, they played a normal recreational league team to raise money for the Little People of America foundation.  This all proves that size does not matter, the dwarfs have a  big heart.  Many people are against the league just because of their height, but the little men play as hard as the next man.



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