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Third most wanted mafioso arrested

Posted on: January 27, 2010

The Spanish Police Department arrested this morning Paolo di Mauro, who is considered by the Italian Government the third most wanted fugitive of the country. According to the Police, Di Mauro is the regent of the clan Contini of the Camorra, the most cruel mafia, responsible for most of the drug-dealing in Italy. He had been condemned to 17 years and 10 months of prison. He was in search and seizure since 2003 for homicide and other mafia-related crimes, and in 2007 the arrest warrant became international.
Di Mauro, 58 years old, was arrested altogether with another leader of the clan, Luigi Mocerino. The arrest was made at around 2:30 PM in a small neighborhood in Barcelona, Spain, after the two came out from a meeting with a lawyer.
According to the policemen that perpetrated the arrest, the criminals lived in Barcelona and at first showed fake IDs, but surrendered when the officers recognized them.
According to the investigators, both managed to introduce in Spain large quantities of drugs from the coast of Morocco.

Paolo Di Mauro


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