The Pendleton Panther

Deadly Mexican Party

Posted on: January 31, 2010

Mourning Family Members

Saturday night a group of armed men stormed a party on the Mexican border, in Ciudad Juarez. Thirteen high school and college students were killed, ten died on the scene and three died at local hospitals. These group of young adults gathered to watch a boxing match in a housing complex when suddenly two trucks pulled up loaded with armed men who opened fire. The young adults in the home whose ages ranged from 15-20 are said to have no connection to drug trafficking, this was the first thought because the city of Ciudad Juarez is home to several drug cartel bosses who are battling for turf. But after many interviews withfellow members of the housing complex it seems as though it was a “huge mistake.”  More then 2,250 people were killed in this battle for land control. Police and thousands of troops are attempting to seize the land control battles.

What happened to these thirteen kids was tragic, and seems as though it was completely undeserved. It’s unfortunate that kids who are not involved in drug trafficking still fall victim to it from time to time. Hopefully, with this deadly gun show police in Mexico can start to quickly identify suspects which will possibly result in the down fall of drug disputes.


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