The Pendleton Panther

Devon is from South Africa, Cape Town.  He has ginger hair and he is cool kid.  His favorite sports are football and golf.  He started playing football when he was around 13 years old and he loved it.  Devon used to play golf as well and he was pretty good, but he decide to follow  his football dream. Devon moved to  Bradenton because he wanted to play a lot of  football.  He liked  football program, but he didn’t like Bradenton. Moreover, Devon likes girls, parties and his favorite music is house. I really miss this guy and he is really cool.   –Mark Seo


Trevor Lamb is little kid from Philadelphia. He likes to joke around and party a lot.  Trevor Lamb body reminds me of little tiny fire ant because Trevor lambs knows how to pinch people like, little fire ant.  Moreover, he gets fire when he gets angry. The roommate, Mark Seo – the beast from South Korea – teaches Trevor Lamb every night about Karate, and Trevor Lamb is becoming like a man lately. Trevor Lamb plays football and he thinks his good like Serigo Ramos.  I love when he always says Sergio Ramos in Spanish accent. I will never forget Trevor Lamb.    –Mark Seo

 Nathan Taylor is from Bahamas. He plays football and for IMG and attends the Pendleton school.  This is his second year at IMG  and his position is midfielder.  He has played football since he was little kid.  Nathan Taylor is going to college next year and he is very happy about that.  He was born in 25 May, 1992.  Nathan is pretty tall guy and has a lot of muscles and he is known as, Mr IPI.  Nathan Taylor is going to be successful person when he finishes high school.  Moreover, his football skills are grateful and has a lot of skills.  This was biography about Nathan Taylor from Nassau, Bahamas.   — Mark Seo

Matt Felsenfeld was born in Detroit, Michigan he is 18 years old.  He has been at Pendleton and IMG for the past three years working on his game the golf academy.  When asked if attending IMG has helped his game he said “it has helped my game a lot, I am happy that I attended the academy”. In the fall he will be playing for the University of Michigan and studying pre med.  Matt’s claim to fame at IMG according to him is doing the most community service hours with about 50 hours.   — Alex Osborne

Jimmy O’Neill was born on August 21, 1992 in Bradenton, FL.  Jimmy played many  sports when he was young such as baseball, basketball, and soccer.  His favorite was baseball.  Jimmy has one brother and he was the person growing up who pushed him the most to excel.  His parents Marj and Ed are a huge influence on him now.  This summer Jimmy plans to workout and hang out with his friends and then in the fall he will attend Stetson University to play baseball.  During summer around June 10 there is the Professional Draft for baseball and Jimmy is hoping to get drafted in mid rounds.  Someday he wants to make it to the major leagues and play professionally but he says that its a long way away. Congratulations Jimmy!   — Julia Lis

Casey moved to Bradenton at age 6 and started attending IMG baseball camps at age 10. By 14 he enrolled at IMG as an 8th grader and he has been at IMG now for 5 years. His achievements in baseball include a 3 time preseason all american 3 time season all american, an under armour all american, he  has won a national championship and a Florida state championship. More importantly though what he is equally proud of is that he has been a part of Pendleton leadership for 2 years and has been on the Pendleton varsity team for 4 years. His record pitching was 27 and 1 in his 5 years and he did not get his first loss in high school until he hurt his arm pitching this year in a game. Last year he accepted the senior gift on behalf of the junior class and this year he has been selected to win the Pendleton Spirit award and for that he will be giving a speech at graduation. He has given his scholarship back to Ole Miss so that he can rehab from his recent tommy john surgery here at IMG for the next year. The rehab takes a full year for a full recovery and he will be spending that full year at IMG. He will be considered a post grad high school student but he will not be playing much baseball until next summer. When he comes back he will be stronger because of the surgery that allows pitchers to gain a stronger ligament in their elbow. I know Casey will do great things in life! He’s someone to always watch out for. Congratulations Casey!   — Julia Lis

Patrick Albrittain was born in Dunn Loring, Virgina at Fairfax Hospital on October 10, 1991.  He played many sports throughout his life, baseball, basketball, soccer and football.  However, his favorite was always baseball which is the reason he attends IMG Academies.  He is the oldest of 4 kids from his parents Margaret and Chris Albrittain.  He has a sister that is a year younger than him named Lauren and two younger brothers that look up to him as a role model Daniel,11, and Brendan,9.   He plans to play for a summer team up in Virginia where he has lived my whole life.   Next year he will be coming back to IMG Academies to further his playing skills in baseball and strengthen his arm from surgery in October of 2009. Good luck and congratulations Pat!   — Julia Lis


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