The Pendleton Panther

“There Can Only Be One”

Posted on: May 27, 2010

Steve Jobs (left) and Bill Gates (right)

Microsoft and Bill Gates used to sit in the throne of the tech industry and rake in millions of dollars a day.  Him and his company changed the way people go about their lives and he will never be forgotten.  But the prince of the tech industry, Apple, has just upgraded their throne to be bigger than the kings, making them the new king.  On Wednesday, Apple’s market capitalization edged past its longtime rival’s as investors made official what consumers of their product have long suggested: Microsoft is no longer the industry’s alpha dog(or king).  Just last month, Microsoft’s market cap was 25 billions dollars greater than Apple’s, but now Apple is in the lead by about 3 billion.  Microsoft struggles to keep up with the competition while Apple comes out with new and popular products, such as the new iPad.  In my opinion, the problem is that Apple is creative, and is not looking to copy and of Microsoft’s ideas.  Microsoft is on the other end of this, constantly trying to mimic what Apple puts out on the market.


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