The Pendleton Panther

Senior Profile: Matilda Tse

Posted on: May 27, 2010

Matilda Tse is from Hong Kong.  She was born in December 30, 1992.  She has one older sister.  Matilda is a really shy girl, but when you get to know her you will found out she is a really nice and funny person.  She likes to help out others when they have problem.  She stated to play golf when she was thirteen years old.   She really enjoys playing golf.  And in the year of 2007 she decided that she want to bring her golf game in to a next level.   She came to IMG in 2007.   During the years she improved a lot on her golf game.  In the other hand she is also really good at school.  She finished strong in her last semester with straight A’s.  She says she also is really interested in music. She wants to become a DJ in one day.  Anyways, I wish her the best in college.   Good luck and keep up the hard work.   — Allie Weng


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