The Pendleton Panther

Senior Profile: Katerina Prorokova

Posted on: May 27, 2010

Katerina Prorokova was born in December 21, 1990.  She is from Czech Republic.  Katerina has been playing golf for 7 years and she really enjoys it.  All of her friends know she is a really hard worker. Every time when I go golf, she already had been practice for hours.  During the weekend she still wakes up early just for practice.  She also keeps on school too.   She has a high gpa in school.  All of this hard work make she won the Maria Garcia Estrada award in the golf banquet.  Which is the greatest player of the year.  Katerina came to IMG in 2008 and she really enjoy it. Beside golf, she also played tennis before. And she like all kinds of winter sports like skiing and snowboarding.   Katerina is one of the people that I respect a lot.  She always know what she is dong and keep everything organized. Next year Katerina is going to University of Nevada – Las Vegas. I think she will do a really good job in college and I wish her the best luck in golf and school.   — Allie Weng


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