The Pendleton Panther

Senior Profile: Casey Mulholland

Posted on: May 27, 2010

Casey moved to Bradenton at age 6 and started attending IMG baseball camps at age 10. By 14 he enrolled at IMG as an 8th grader and he has been at IMG now for 5 years. His achievements in baseball include a 3 time preseason all american 3 time season all american, an under armour all american, he  has won a national championship and a Florida state championship. More importantly though what he is equally proud of is that he has been a part of Pendleton leadership for 2 years and has been on the Pendleton varsity team for 4 years. His record pitching was 27 and 1 in his 5 years and he did not get his first loss in high school until he hurt his arm pitching this year in a game. Last year he accepted the senior gift on behalf of the junior class and this year he has been selected to win the Pendleton Spirit award and for that he will be giving a speech at graduation. He has given his scholarship back to Ole Miss so that he can rehab from his recent tommy john surgery here at IMG for the next year. The rehab takes a full year for a full recovery and he will be spending that full year at IMG. He will be considered a post grad high school student but he will not be playing much baseball until next summer. When he comes back he will be stronger because of the surgery that allows pitchers to gain a stronger ligament in their elbow. I know Casey will do great things in life! He’s someone to always watch out for. Congratulations Casey!   — Julia Lis


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