The Pendleton Panther

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Posted on: May 27, 2010

It has been quite the year here at IMG academies.  I cannot say that I am going to return home the same person that I was nine months ago.  This can be a bad thing, but in the long run, I believe it is a great accomplishment.  The things I have learned and experiences I have had this year are not comparable to anything else in my life.  I can only image what next year holds for me.  So here it is, the final Pendleton Panther post.  It has been fun Mr. Kennedy.  I cannot say that I always enjoyed writing these articles, but I did enjoy the ones that I found that were so intriguing.  Most of all though, doing these assignments really kept me up to date on what was going on in the world.  Sometimes, when the weeks start going by so fast year, and one looses count, one can forget that there is a world beyond that of IMG.  Finals are tomorrow and Friday, and I will be stressed out the last two nights that I’m here.  I mean, I guess that the teaches had to have us ripping our hair out as payback for all the crap they had to deal with.



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