The Pendleton Panther

Year Book

Posted on: May 26, 2010

The 1020 school year has been great, many people did great things throughout the year.  This year we had a very interesting year book, it had a graffiti type cover that read The Pendleton School.  I personally am not a fan of this years, year book.  Do not get me wrong they’re were some parts that really grabbed my attention.  I think the year book should really bring back memories that had happened this year thus far. For example, on the baseball page it showed the same three people, for the entire page, and two of those kids do not even attend our school anymore.  The other person was never even involved in our school, which really doesn’t make sense.  On the bright side the year book showed great work ethic as well as creativity.  I just wish that next year they would really revise and revise until you know it is correct.  The year book showed great pictures as well as interesting facts that the students had voted on.  I am very confident that next year the year book will be the best the school has every seen.


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