The Pendleton Panther

Two Days Left

Posted on: May 26, 2010

Where has the year gone?  I cannot believe it is almost over!  The final leap is finals, and many people such as seniors will drop off the map just because they are almost done with they’re high school careers.   My coaches try and preach that we have to strive through, do not give up what we have worked for the entire year. Hopefully most students at Pendleton will not just give up their grades, although we all know some kids will completely fall off the map and never return to this campus.  The only way I can really say to prevent this from happening is that make the review for the final more entertaining.  The reason that I would want it more entertaining is because it really grabs the attention of the student.  Ways to make it more entertaining during the review is to have a game for a review, or a contest.  This will hopefully keep the students alive and ready for the exam and not want them to just give up and finish.


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