The Pendleton Panther

The Year is Over: But The Friendships Aren’t

Posted on: May 25, 2010


It has been a crazy year for many of us, particularly for me. I am very thankful that the year is almost over. Baseball here at IMG wasn’t as fun or the same as it has been in the past and the level of maturity in the academy went down drastically. The Varsity team underachieved greatly even though our talent level was superb. Personally I had a down year in terms of baseball and my attitude among others. However, from this year I will take relationships with me that I know will last me for many years to come. After everything that has happened this year it will truly be hard to say goodbye to many faces that I have seen around this campus for nearly two years now.

Dillon Moyer, Blake Perry, Richard Baega, Jimmy O’Neal and Carlos Somoza to name a few will be greatly missed. Jimmy and Carlos are two of the nicest and most considerate guys I know and it took a while for us to become friends, but our relationship has benefited me greatly as Jimmy is always there to lend me a smile and Somoza is always there to offer words of advice. Somoza and O’Neal will be missed among the Pendleton community not just as baseball players, but also as considerate and understanding young men. Richard Baegra was my roommate for nearly two years and it seems that regardless of the situation or event, Rich is always the first person to show a helping hand or offer concern. Baegra is more reliable than many as he is not judgmental and will respect you regardless of how “different” you are.

Dillon and Blake will be the hardest people to let go, as I have been with them the longest. From our times in IPI together, to the times at the field on the weekend or watching “The Wire” in current events class. These are two relationships I will never forget. Dillon has been a mentor to me among the years and always told me to believe in myself regardless of what I was up against. Blake has taught me to loosen up and that life isn’t so bad all the time. He’s always there to crack a joke, spit a rap or long toss. Blake is one of those guys that get along with everyone and one’s of those guys you don’t want to let go. Both Dillon and Blake would be there for you, rain shine, 3 am or 5 in the afternoon, they care about you sometimes more than you care about yourself.

The year is over as we know, but these relationships will last forever.


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