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Is it okay for your Parents to have Facebook?

Posted on: May 25, 2010

Recently I heard about some teenagers having their parents as a friend on Facebook. They said that although their parents are their friend they still block them for some things. Isn’t the whole reason why a parent would have a Facebook to see what their kids are doing? Facebook is created to keep in touch with people that you haven’t talk to. For a parent that is great to catch up with people they haven’t seen for a while. But to use it to sneak up on your kids is distrust. Plus for a teen to block their parents obviously their is things they don’t want their parents to see. My Mom honestly I don’t even think knows how to get on Facebook and make a page. Would you care that your parents were spying on you and your friends? Does it even matter? Or is the whole thing distrust and having private settings is sneaky?


1 Response to "Is it okay for your Parents to have Facebook?"

I see it differently. I’m not friends with my kids to spy on them. I’m friends with them to communicate with them. Facebook is pretty public, so anything on there should be acceptable to share with parents, teachers, college admissions officers, and employers. Private things are for other means of communication.

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