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London Olympic Games Mascots Created for 2012

Posted on: May 19, 2010

Mandeville and Wenlock

For every Olympic games, there is a specific mascot designed.  For the 2012 Olympic games in London, they have decided to be slightly more creative than in the past years.  The designers have decided to created some animated mascots.  Not only have the mascots been created, the designers have created an animated series in which the mascots appear.  A lot of thought has gone into both of the mascots named Wenlock and Mandeville.  Wenlock was named after the village of Much Wenlock in Shropshire and Mandeville was named after Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Buckinghamshire.  Much Wenlock was an inspiration for the modern Olympic Games.  Stoke Mandeville was where the first Paralympic Games took place in 1948.  Wenlock represents the Olympic Games and Mandeville represents the Paralympic Games.  Wenlock wears the Olympic rings as some friendship bracelets which shows just another aspect of how well thought out they are.  Because London Taxi Cabs are so well known, both of the characters have a yellow light on top of their head which also have their initial in.  The mascots seem to copy what humans do and they see many pictures around the room of Olympic athletes and try to copy them.  It is actually a very interesting take on the mascots and in a way it is quite special.

Here is the link to the first part of the series (it is a couple of minutes): (Click the play button at the top of the screen)


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