The Pendleton Panther

BP’s Last Ditch Attempt to Stop the Oil

Posted on: May 19, 2010

The oil that already floats  in the Gulf of Mexico has proven to be quite resistant to containment, but the 210,000 gallons of crude that gets dumped into the ocean each day poses a much bigger threat.  The damaged drilling rig has thus far defeated all attempts to stem the flow of black gold, but BP has announced a new plan, something that they call a “top kill”.  Two pipes, three inches in diameter, are to be inserted into the spewing maw of the rig.  Heavy fluids will then be pumped down onto the oil to weigh it down.  With geyser temporarily stanched, the opening can be sealed with cement.  After the damage is repaired, the rig will be abandoned by BP, never to extrude another drop.  If this plan should fail, however, BP will have few methods left to plug up the wellhead, but they will doubtlessly keep trying.


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