The Pendleton Panther

What do you believe on JFK assassination?

Posted on: May 18, 2010

After reviewing the countless evidence of the 35th President assassination, no one has come to a real clear conclusion. But lets start at the beginning why would anyone want to kill a president so badly. This is debatable, some say it was his decision of not providing supplies in Cuba or his opinion of Communism. Now look at the facts the public knows. The man who claimed to kill JFK was named Oswald. Not only did he supposedly shoot three insanely hard shots but it was using a gun from World War 2. But shortly after he was arrested he was killed.  So we will never really know exactly if he was the one or not.  The next witness was a train tower commander, he saw two men and a bright flash.  The train commander knowing shortly afterwards, that there was something wrong with the President.  The train commander was then killed two years after the assassination.  As you continued to investigate the assassination, there are many pieces missing or pieces that don’t fit. But this is all up to you, an American mystery that not even the professionals can solve.


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