The Pendleton Panther

Coming to an End

Posted on: May 18, 2010

Every year has to end, its like every night has a dawn. It is hard to believe how fast and how slow the year goes by. Personally I can remember playing the name game in every class on the first days of school like it was a month ago. But honestly these past weeks feel so slow, like stuck in time. There is a lot going on though, prom, finals, some are saying goodbye, and some of us just trying to get through the last bit and tying everything up. I am happy for those who get to go home, I was once an on- campus student. Defiantly know the feeling of moving out and going home. For the locals, it’s the beginning of a summer job, and short timers. We all have been short timers, but now being a full timer we  just aren’t in favor of the short timers. We are all going in separate ways, and I hope that everyone has had a great year. Enjoy the break and I will promise this every year is different here at Pendleton so enjoy the rest of this one.

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