The Pendleton Panther

The Wire

Posted on: May 16, 2010

The Wire

As the Varsity season came to a close about a month ago, it was difficult finding reasons and motivation to continue attending classes in the morning, especially that first period one. My favorite class this year has been Mr. Kennedy’s 3A Current Event’s class and once again Mr. K has stepped up in the clutch like I knew he would and he has presented us with “The Wire.” Many don’t know, but “The Wire,” is a series on HBO that concluded a few years ago with its 5th season. It takes place in Baltimore Maryland and deals with the everyday life that young teenagers must go through in such a run down, poor and even scary lifestyle. “The Wire,” takes us on a true tour of the “ghetto,” and even leaves you with chills after watching some of the episodes. I can honestly say watching this series with my closest friends in class has been the most fun I have had all year here at IMG. The series is a fantastic piece of work that teaches lessons, which we need to start applying in our real life. “The Wire” is filled with lessons, laughs and gives me more than enough reason to get to class on time. Once again Mr. K, you have saved the day, and the rest of my year.


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