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It’s Okay Rich, You Can Relax Now

Posted on: May 16, 2010


Last week the IMG Baseball Academy had the great opportunity to announce the signing of another one of it’s seniors. Richard Baerga has signed with Siena University in upstate New York, a big time division one school in the Northeast. Rich is from New York and I believe this school will be a great fit for him. He was also considering Eckerd here in Tampa. Being Rich’s roommate for a year and a half I can truly say this was one of the biggest days in his life and a huge relief. Last year, Rich made the final spot on the Varsity team and saw very limited playing time. This year Rich came in expecting to be the starting second baseman but it was not easy at first. He struggled at the plate and in the field the first couple games and many questioned if he deserved the spot. Sure enough, Rich being one of the most determined people I know, came through when it mattered the most and ended up recording the highest batting average on the Varsity team. He finished the year playing a stellar second base. Rich will either continue to play second base in college or perhaps move to the outfield, however, he will always have a spot at the top of the lineup. There were many nights in the dorm that Rich would sit up and think about college, as he had no clue where he might end up a year from now. Worried, frustrated and anxious were all emotions that he felt as many other seniors had already signed the previous summer. Sure enough, Rich’s time has come and he can enjoy it for as long as he wants. He has been tested much in the past few years on the field and off and he has stayed mentally strong and true to himself and ended up earning him a D1 scholarship. Once again, being his roommate for nearly two years, I can honestly say if anyone deserves this, it is Rich.


2 Responses to "It’s Okay Rich, You Can Relax Now"

Barrett, I wanted to say thank you very much for this wonderful article that you wrote about my son. He has truly worked hard and definitely deserves this and we are all very proud! The best compliment sometimes comes from one’s peers and this is truly of the highest value. Thank you again and best of luck to you!

Barrett, it was a pleasure to read the article you wrote about my son. I’m sure he values you as a friend. He is a great kid, he’s smart and a pretty good ball player too. It’s nice to hear the things you said about him from someone other that myself. It puts it all in a good perspective. Thank you very much for that. Good Luck to you and all your future endevers

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