The Pendleton Panther

Lebron’s Disappointing Performance

Posted on: May 13, 2010

This year the playoffs has been maybe the most exciting potentially, the reason many people were so amped up was because of the chance of Kobe vs. Lebron.  The Cavs cruised through the first round without any real difficulties, the lakers do the same.  Then the Cavaliers faced the Celtics, this might be the most challenging match until the finals.  The Cavs went up two to one and one of those games Lebron James scored 21 points in the first quarter which was more than the next game unfortunately.  The Cavs won that game, to make it two to one and then the Celtics fought back and demolished the Cavaliers by ten to tie the series up.   The next game was set in Cleveland, the crowd and all fans watching and hoping that Lebron James can do the impossible, be the best that he is.  Unfortunately he did not play as well as expected he only scored 15 points, some people in Cleveland say that he did it on purpose so when he gets traded (due to the fact that his contract is up),  it will be easier for him to exit Cleveland without any major issues, I however disagree with this conspiracy.  Lebron is going to win the next game and bring it back to Cleveland!


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