The Pendleton Panther

Former Champions Cheating?

Posted on: May 13, 2010

The ruling for “stealing other teams signs” is completely legal in Major League Baseball although it is frowned upon, but you must use the naked eye to do so.  You are not allowed to use binoculars or video cameras in anyway to steal signs.  Earlier this week, a man named Mick Billmeyer was caught in the Bullpin using binoculars to “steal signs” at Coors field in Colorado.  Charlie Manuel stated repeatedly that they were not cheaters, they would not waste their time stealing signs to win.  The coach stated that he was just watching the Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiz, and his set up to the plate.  But someone said they caught him still peaking through the binoculars even when the Rockies were hitting which completely contradicts what Manuel stated.  It seems hard to believe that such an amazing team would steal signs the cheat, that is why I do not believe it.  I just think that the coach was look at  Ruiz but he was caught looking at the wrong time, its hard to not believe that their not cheating but well they are innocent until proven guilty.

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