The Pendleton Panther

What Caused the Crash?

Posted on: May 13, 2010

Afriqiyah Airways suffered a major setback on Wednesday as one of their Airbus A330-200 aircraft crashed in Libya.  The 253 seater airplane succeeded in saving only one passenger; a ten year old Dutch boy.  Now, with the black boxes recovered, begins the process of determining just what caused this disaster.  Libyan authorities have already ruled out terrorist activity but are still unsure as to a specific cause.  The plane crashed just short of the landing runway–the front end of the aircraft disintegrating as it scraped against the bare ground.  The tail and rudder assembly appears to be mostly intact,  and the fire damage is very limited, which suggests that the plane was not crippled by some mechanical failure, although the possibility still exists.  A thick fog or even a sandstorm could be to blame, however, as the Libyan airport is lacking considerably in low visibility landing aids.  It may be that the entire catastrophe was caused by a substandard runway.


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