The Pendleton Panther

“Top Hat” At The Bottom of Gulf

Posted on: May 12, 2010

In an effort to stop the crude oil that has been spilling out up from the Gulf of Mexico for the past two weeks, BP, Better Petroleum, has created a device that should stop the oil or at least slow it down for a little.  Two weeks ago, at one of BP’s oil rigs, disaster struck.  There was some sort of explosion that occurred in a pipeline because gas was leaking.  At least five people were killed and others were injured.  The “top hat” is five feet tall, and four feet in diameter, while weighing less than two tons.  The “top hat” has reached the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, but has not been applied yet for reasons that BP will not disclose to the public.  Hopefully, this device will stop the 210,000 gallons of crude oil being leaked into the Gulf of Mexico before the damage cannot be undone.


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