The Pendleton Panther

Scott Robertson Memorial

Posted on: May 12, 2010

Logo of the event.

A very large group of golfers from IMG/Pendleton are attending the prestigious Scott Robertson Memorial Tournament in Roanoke, Virginia. This event is perenially one of the top 10 strongest junior golf events in the country. It runs from May 14-16, 2010. It was founded in 1983 and has always been held at Roanoke Country Club. This event exists to remember Scott Robertson who was a promising young golfer from the area who died of infectious mononucleosis in 1982. He was only a 14 year old ninth grader at the time and had much potential for the future. He excelled in both fields of academics and athletics. Representing IMG/Pendleton on the boys side are: James Yoon, Seiji Liu, Petch Vattanapisit, Gary Dunne, Shugo Imahira, Sean Kelly, Zack Duan, Tyler Sluman, Cheng-Tsung Pan, and Ben Palanszki. On the girls side are: Laetitia Beck, Marika Liu, Hally Leadbetter, Tanaporn Kongkiatkrai, Robbi Howard and Ginger Howard. With so much talent and skill present from IMG, it is definitely going to be an exciting event to follow. The winner of this prestigious event will receive a coveted 100 points in the AJGA Polo National Rankings and will automatically be named an AJGA All-American.


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