The Pendleton Panther

Lars Vilks Doing What He Does Best

Posted on: May 12, 2010

If cartoonist Lars Vilks is famous for anything more than his drawings, it is his ability to make enemies.  Not content to keep a low profile, Vilks recently showed a film at a Swedish University in which Muhammad was not only depicted on screen, but also shown entering a gay bar.  Even while the celluloid rolled, a Muslim protester rushed the stage and assaulted Lars Vilks, punching him in the face and breaking his glasses.  Police detained the assailant and were forced to pepper spray certain protesters as they became increasingly violent.  Vilks, who has booby trapped his own house and sleeps with an axe by his bed, stated that the whole stunt was to prove a point about free speech, and would continue to open his mouth as long as there was some one vying to shut it.  Censorship, however, may have won this round as University officials have expressed that another invitation addressed to Lars Vilks would be “not likely”.

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