The Pendleton Panther

Eight Year Old Boy Survives Plane Crash

Posted on: May 12, 2010

In the recent plane crash that took place in Libya, there was one lone survivor.  Of the 92 passengers and 11 crew members, the only person who survived was an eight year old boy.  The eight year old, who happens to be a Dutch citizen, is sedated and asleep.  The plane crashed when they tried to land at the Tripoli International Airport.  The child, who has been identified as Ruben van Assouw, suffered multiple fractures in his lower body and went under an operation at a hospital in Tripoli.  Nobody has been able to figure out what actually happened when the plane crashed as the black box has not been recovered.  Officials said that there was no indication that a place had landed because everything had fallen apart.  It was as if a big bomb went off at the crash site and in order to figure out what had actually happened, they called air traffic control.  Officials have also said that the rubble of the plane shows what a terrible crash it was, and for the eight year old to be alive is quite the miracle.


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