The Pendleton Panther

Attacks on Schools in China Continue

Posted on: May 12, 2010


In Beijing on Wednesday, a 48 year old man entered a kindergarten school with a meat cleaver and started to hack away at the teachers and students. He killed a kindergarten teacher as well as 7 children. After the attack, he returned home and then committed suicide. Later on, the mother of the slain teacher also died from injuries sustained during the attack. In addition to the 9 fatalities, 11 children also received severe injuries. The school only has a total of 20 children in attendance. This has sparked a lot of national outrage as this is the fourth such attack in the past month. They have all involved middle aged to older men who entered elementary or kindergarten schools and taken out their anger with weapons on the children and faculty. It all started with 1 attack on April 28th when a man stabbed 18 children and received national media coverage. He was later executed by firing squad but experts believe that this is the reason for all the imitators. According to China Daily newspaper, they quoted Nanjing University sociology professor Zhu Li as saying Zheng’s attack inspired copycats. “Some people may not have thought about stabbing school children, but due to the media’s coverage of such a case, they got an idea,” Zhu said. This is a very frightening situation and instills fear in all of us for the safety of our children.


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