The Pendleton Panther

Senior Profile: Alejandro Gomez

Posted on: May 11, 2010

Alejandro Gomez was born in Cali, Colombia the 14th of August of 1991. His passion for tennis comes from his family, in particular his grandmother, who used to work in the Colombian Federation, a position that has now taken Alejandro’s mother. His first and most faithful hitting partner has always been his brother, Andres, 21, now in college. Really early it was clear that Alejandro had a natural talent for the sport, and his hard work and dedication since a young age put him last year among the 120 best Junior players in the world.
Outside of the court, Alejandro is a really honest, down-to-earth young man, with a great ability to make friends and stick to them. Apart from tennis, some of his hobbies are paintball, movies, soccer and hanging out with his friends. The two years he’s spent in the Academy have helped him improve his tennis greatly, as it was proved when he signed for next fall with one of the best tennis programs in the country, at the University of Kentucky. We will all miss him, but I’m confident he will be successful in the 4 years to come.


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