The Pendleton Panther

Living Without Food?!?!

Posted on: May 11, 2010

The 82 year old man.

Just recently, there have been many stories in the news about an 82 year old Indian man who says that he doesn’t need food or water to survive.  He says that he relies on meditation and getting his necessary nutrition through the air.  Due to the many reports, the Indian army have sent some doctors round to examine and keep watch on the man.  They are going to study what he does for every minute of the day and figure out why he can live “without” food.  Apparently, a few years ago some scientists observed the man for weeks and said that he didn’t eat or drink.  The only problem was that he lost weight.  They believed that if he truly got all of his nutritional needs through the air, he wouldn’t loose weight.  It is truly a fascinating story and will be very interesting to follow.  I would really struggle to last without food and drink for one day, never mind forever!

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